Day 28 – #2. Advent – Naked and Cold

Advent - Naked and Cold

It is this author’s opinion that Advent is the most criminally underrated band on the so-called “Christian” hardcore/metalcore scene.

Was it because they only released 2 albums?

Was it because they didn’t tour extensively, then unceremoniously broke up, coming and going as they pleased?

Was it because they arose from the ashes of Beloved, another influential band that split the scene before they hit the peak of their popularity?

There is something about being enigmatic, not just in a music scene. An heir of mystery keeps people guessing. Keeping yourself scarce only stands to make your audience want you more.

It’s just like in any collection hobby. Vinyl, for example – printing “limited” quantities of an album creates a piranha-like feeding frenzy, and Internet forum riots abound.

Advent only released two albums in quick succession: Remove the Earth in February of 2008, and Naked and Cold the next September.

Somehow, their listener base remains far inferior to Beloved and most other bands on the illustrious Tooth & Nail/Solid State rosters. Yet, I’ve not one time had a conversation about the band that didn’t champion them and their efforts as herculean. How could a band like Advent in this era of metalcore/hardcore/punk music have such a positive reputation and not have been more popular? I will never understand it.

One way or another, Naked and Cold is one of the best entries in this genre, and if even one person discovers Advent because of this entry, it will have been worth it.

Naked and Cold spans 13 tracks and checks in at just over 40 minutes long. This may seem like an eternity for a punk album, but the last track (“Blackness of Day”) is one of three instrumentals and runs over 7 minutes.

The strange thing about this band is that it’s difficult (for me, anyway) to describe what their actual allure is. Yes, they’re heavy. Yes, they’re loud. Yes, they’re fast. But 10 million other bands have been there and done that exact thing.

I guess it’s just because it’s straight-forward, simple, and in your face. It’s got punk sensibilities without all the extraneous nonsense punk baggage, attitude and neo-sense of entitlement.

Lyrically, you know what to expect from this genre: angry but boisterous, near boasting of the word of God and redemption through Jesus Christ. Thankfully, lead singer Joe Musten (now the drummer for Aaron Gillespie in The Almost) and co. stay far away from tired eschatology psycho-babble.

Maybe it’s the super gritty vocals. Maybe it’s the no-nonsense, no-frills approach. Or maybe it’s that there really was something special about Advent that we all missed the boat on.

Guess we’ll never know now. Appreciate the music made by bands while they’re still around, kids.

Standout tracks: “Nothing,” “Overcome” and “Revival”
Weakest track: Wasn’t too crazy about “Out of Line”

RIYL: Metalcore, hardcore. Hands, Haste the Day, August Burns Red.



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