Day 15 – #328. Thursday – Full Collapse

Thursday - Full Collapse

I have a problem with routines.

I’m not the type of person who reads books more than once (unless it’s wholly special to me, like To Kill a Mockingbird or 1984). I have a hard time playing video games all the way through more than once. I can’t eat the same thing every day. If I drink coffee six or more days in a row, I sometimes will then go a month without drinking it.

I guess it’s because I get bored easily. It is for that reason that it is difficult for me to listen to Thursday’s sophomore release Full Collapse. Because of how many times I’ve heard it, I have to go long periods without listening to it in order for it to hit me as viciously as it did the first time I listened to it.

Unfortunately for me as a listener, by the time I discovered Thursday, War All the Time had already been released. I was an instant fan and dug into their back catalog after hearing “Signals Over The Air.”

Full Collapse is, to many Thursday fans, their ultimate record. In 2011, to commemorate the album’s tenth year since it was released, the band embarked on a tour playing it in its entirety. Refused did a similar thing last year, playing The Shape of Punk to Come cover to cover, as did David Bazan for Control. I like the idea of celebrating an album’s anniversary a lot. Obviously not every band can do it, and plenty of bands don’t make it to the tenth year of even their first release before breaking up.

While it’s chock full of the hits that would make any “Best of Thursday” playlist (“Autobiography of a Nation,” “A Hole in the World,” “Cross Out the Eyes,” “Paris in Flames,” “How Long is the Night?”), Full Collapse has actually “fallen” to at best my 5th favorite Thursday record.

That’s hard for me to even comprehend, because make no mistake about it: I love this record. I think that just speaks to the volume of their discography, and how much amazing music the band has produced over the last 15 years.

Full Collapse meant a lot to me when I heard it the first time. It still does, but only in a nostalgic way. To me, it’s still “immature” Thursday. Hell, even “War All The Time” doesn’t sit with me the same way it did in 2003. And it’s not just because Common Existence and No Devolución had better production values. They’re way more polished.

That’s what sticks out to me about Waiting, Full Collapse and War All The Time – how raw they are. So charged with emotion, edgy, and energetic.

What more can be said about Full Collapse that hasn’t been said since 2001, really? It was such a great indicator of what was to come for this band. Listening to it now, I still have fine, fond memories of the people and places associated with that time in my life. That’s how I know it’s a lasting record.

(ed.’s note: There is something to be said for the random generator that I used for this project, because this month has been super Geoff Rickly-heavy. I’m not complaining, but I can assure anyone reading this that I haven’t doctored what I’ve been assigned. That would be cheating the project, and I’m trying to treat it with integrity… as a routine, you might say. Ech.)

Standout tracks: “I Am the Killer” and “Understanding in a Car Crash”
Weakest track: “Wind-Up”

RIYL: Emo, punk rock, post-hardcore. Newer Thursday, United Nations, Glassjaw, Thrice, Refused.



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